Tuesday 29 May 2012

Review - The Soho Food Feast

The Soho Food Feast, held on Saturday, was a triumph.  It was held in the garden of St Anne's Church and  was to raise money for the Soho Parish Primary School.  Visitors had to buy a ticket in advance, and the event was sold out well before the the day.

On the day the organisation was brilliant.  The restaurants set up stalls under a big marquee, and all payment was through special tickets.  You bought tickets for £2 each (we bought 10 between two of us) and ten each of the dishes cost one ticket.

In effect the dishes were small plates, and perfect to share.  You can see the quality of the food from the photos - Mark Hix' salmon, and Bocca Di Lupo's cuttlefish risotto for example - and it was great to be able to sample dishes from such great restaurants as those and also The Ivy, The Groucho, Duck Soup and Polpo (& cocktails from Milk & Honey).

It was also a brilliant example of how great restaurants can produce great food in large quantities to tight budgets, as demonstrated too by Ferran Adria in his book The Family Meal)

There was also lots to buy on the day, including a 'egg cup' (cup, with a picture of an egg on it) by Gavin Turk, a special recipe book, and raffle tickets.

Well done to the PTA of the Soho Parish Primary School!

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