Tuesday 29 May 2012

The Rock and Rule Jubilee Pop-up Shop off Carnaby Street

Fancy a slightly funkier Royal Souvenir?  Then head to Marshall street for a cool and limited edition T-shirt from  Rock and Rule.

"‘Rock and Rule’ salutes the Queen with pop-up shop in Carnaby Street over Jubilee Weekend
Inspired by the Queen, the clothing label’s edgy and patriotic T-shirt designs will inject a quintessentially British spirit back into the Carnaby Street area, striking a chord with the former heart of London’s punk movement.
From 29th May until 6th June, new fashion label Rock & Rule will open its doors for the very first time with a pop-up shop at 34 Marshall Street, part of the creative hub centred on Carnaby Street in London.
Rock and Rule’s Royal-themed shop will place its own limited edition range of T-shirt designs alongside cutting edge retailers, showing record approval for the monarchy has reached the fashion industry too.
Rock and Rule aims to capture the spirit of designers such as Pam Hogg and John Paul Gaultier, who also set themselves up in the district, combining an infusion of classic British style and a heavy dose of patriotism."

When - 29th May - 6th June

Where - 34 Marshall Street, London W1F 7EU

Link - Rock and Rule

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