Friday 1 March 2013

Check On's Northern Invasion near Bond Street

Check On are holding a Monday night pop-up at Patty & Bun this Monday (4th) at Patty & Bun, just North of Selfridges.  5 courses of Northern food, including ham & peas, Lancashire Hotpot and (shell) fish & chips, from three Northern boys:

"'Check On' are a brand spanking new pop up for 2013. They bring London and beyond the most interesting and exciting social events which bring together the combination of great food, music, and all creativity. Formed of all born and bred northern boys.. former HIX chef Terry Edwards, musician & model George Craig, and journalist Chris Harding.. making them the most diverse set of lads who bring each their own ideas and talent to the table, but most importantly share their common love for great British food.
Check On's first event 'Northern Invasion' is their take on the north's most classic dishes. It features a 5 course menu of beautifully prepared food with twists and surprises along the way. They even have a playlist of entirely northern bands throughout the evening which really sets the mood! Their first pop up is at Patty & bun in soho, with meat supplied from up north by the ginger pig… which is a pretty good start! The first night was a complete sell out and a huge success, these boys are already making big waves on the scene and are set to wow the pants off each and every foodie in town. This is not one to be missed and is the first of many exciting events by check on!"

When: 4th March

Where: Patty & Bun, 54 James Street, W1U 1EU

Tickets - £37.50 for 5 courses from here


Link 1 - Check on on Twitter
Link 2 - Tickets

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