Saturday 13 April 2013

50:50 An Art & Food Adventure in Soho

50:50 is a collaborative dinner from Will, a chef, and Meru, an artist, taking place in Soho on 20th April.  Chef Will is head chef at The Brompton Gill, and all ticket holders for 50:50 will also be able to attend The Brompton Club’s Spring Break Party being held from 11pm on the 20th April.

"The mission of the 50:50 extravaganzas are to show the possibilities of pairing food with art; art with drink; and drink with food.
It’s that simple: 50% Art, 50% Food but combined in the most inspiring of ways. The ratio of 50:50 is played out throughout the entire event, right down to the menu which is half composed of raw dishes and half cooked. We are bringing a new vision of food and art which stimulates and satisfies all the senses.
Alongside the beautifully flavoured, fruit and vegetable cocktails, carefully created to compliment the food, you will be tatalised by the works of Merus Art: Imagine yourself as an angel by standing in front of the stunning, angel-wing painting.
50% from Chef Will
Originally from Wales Chef Will has spent his career working with some of the finest restaurants, brassieres and pop-up concepts throughout the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland.
Additionally Will has been part of the renowned Pret A Diner events; Europe’s largest restaurant pop-up concept, which included both The Minotaur and The Burlington Social Club.
50% from Meru Art
Born in Estonia, Meru is an emerging international artist who has been gaining attention for her works and successful exhibitions in Estonia, Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom.
Her firmly believed, much spoken moto is “nothing is more powerful than talented people, doing what they love.”
A combination of a creative food and cutting-edge Meru art, 50:50 is set to prove that life is an adventure."

When - Saturday 20th April

Where - Venue: Soho Kitchen Club, 34-35, 2nd floor, D’Arblay St. London W1F 8EY

Tickets - £35 + fees from here


Link 1 - Chef Will
Link 2 - Meru Art
Link 3 - Booking page

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