Wednesday 7 August 2013

Grey Goose Presents 'Eat Ento' – An Insect Fine Dining Pop Up Restaurant near Borough

Grey Goose is holding a special 3 night supper club in mid August with design students Ento cooking insects, 'a delicious sustainable source of protein'.  Tickets are £75 each, and are bookable now (but tickets for the Thursday night will go on sale on that morning).

"15-17 August 2013 will see the launch of Eat Ento, the Insect Fine Dining Pop Up restaurant, supported by GREY GOOSE® Iconoclasts of Taste, a pioneering project which champions new movements in food and drink. 
Eat Ento is one of a series of inspirational sell-out events that GREY GOOSE Iconoclasts of Taste has facilitated. The project is conceived on the premise that world needs Iconoclasts as they are the people who challenge traditional thinking and lead us to new and better things. 
Ento, one of three Emerging Iconoclasts supported by GREY GOOSE Iconoclasts of Taste, is the brainchild of four graduates from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Their unique vision is ‘to introduce insects to the Western diet as a delicious sustainable source of protein.’ Promoting a message of forward looking sustainability, Ento and GREY GOOSE will host an unforgettable one-of-a-kind dining experience encouraging guests to challenge cultural taboo by sampling fine insect cuisine.
“It was always our goal to launch Ento with a pop up restaurant so that consumers could experience edible insects as the primary ingredient in a unique experience. However, we were not sure when, or even if, this would ever be possible. Now with the support of the GREY GOOSE Iconoclasts of Taste project, our vision is being brought to life with the Eat Ento pop up restaurant, far sooner than we could have ever imagined.” 
Upon arrival, guests will be welcomed with a GREY GOOSE Le Fizz and a special Ento inspired cocktail reception and a tasty insect canapé before sitting down to a bespoke a four-course dinner menu created by Ento and GREY GOOSE. Each dish has been carefully crafted to compliment the unique and deliciousflavours of honey caterpillars, grasshoppers and crickets amongst others. One of the four exceptional dishes served at Eat Ento will include honey caterpillar and grasshopper medallions, which have a creamy pistachio nut flavourserved alongside wild mushroom ravioli, girolles and black trufle.Each course will be served with a GREY GOOSE cocktail created especially to compliment that particular dish’s unique flavours. The individual courses, and the choices behind them, will be introduced personally by Ento and GREY GOOSE Ambassador Oli Blackburn.
Research for the menu was conducted by Ento using essential feedback from guests who attended the ‘GREY GOOSE Cocktails and Insect Canapés at The Lucky Pig’ evening where members of the public were asked to trial different insect canapés. See video link: to view consumer feedback.
Tickets for Eat Ento are priced at £75, and can be purchased online via with all proceeds going to Ento in support of their vision.
The Ento inspired ‘Entomology’ cocktail is one of the cocktails served alongside the unique insect dishes at the pop up and will also be available at the Covent Garden Cocktail Club for a limited time during September, priced at £9."

When - Thurs 15th - Sat 17th August

Where - Arch 4, 64a Newington Causeway, SE1 6DD

Tickets - £75 from here Tickets for Thursday 15th will be released on the morning of the 15th


Link 1 - Iconoclasts of Taste events
Link 2 - Booking page

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  1. Eat Ento got a mention on this map as one of London's 'best and most unusual' restaurant - not bad for a brand new pop up!