Sunday 3 November 2013

Two Hungry Bees' Vietnamese Pop-up at The Catford Canteen

Two Hungry Bees, who popped up in Nunhead in September, are cooking at The Catford Canteen on Saturday 9th November.  It's £30 per ticket, and you are allowed to bring your own alcohol.

"Two Hungry Bees invites you to enjoy our fresh and authentic Vietnamese cuisine at Catford Canteen.
The interactive dining experience will allow diners to learn our culinary secret and enjoy live demonstrations.
Our settings are always informal and friendly, so come and make new friends and have a feast!
The menu will feature our favourites, with a special option of a meat free cuisines for vegetarian.
The Vegetarian dishes are inspired by the Buddhist Interhelp community that supports the practice of mindfulness as taught by Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.
The menu:
Spring rolls ( pork OR meat free)
Prawn salad served with Prawn crackers 
OR tofu salad served with rice cracker (veg)
Baked salmon OR tofu wrapped in perilla leave and mock duck (veg) summer roll 
Southern Vietnamese Pho (beef OR meat free)
Three colour dessert with coconut cream
Seasonal Fruits
Two bottles of Saigon beer OR fruit juices.
Guests are permitted to bring their own alcohol"

When - Saturday 9th November, 7pm - 11pm

Where - 28 Winslade Walk, Catford Centre, Catford SE6 4JU

Tickets - £30 per person from Grub Club here


Link - Booking page

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