Sunday 2 February 2014

Fingers & Thumbs' Pre-Valentines Shellfish Shack in Hackney

Fingers & Thumbs' Shellfish Shack is back at Studio Gi in Hackney, E9, on Friday 7th February.  See the menu below, and pick 5 items for which are included in the ticket price of £32 (or less if you book early enough).  & then look forward to eating some amazing shellfish this coming Friday!

"We're bringing our same Shellfish attitude back to our beautiful home in Hackney.
So if you're a Shellfish lover you need to book a table because we don't mess about, we're down at Billingsgate Market at 4AM sourcing the freshest we can so you know it's the finest quality.
You are in control of your dinner destiny. You pick the dishes you want and then come to be served like the master of the sea that you are!
The Menu 
Please make a note of which five dishes you would like. You can be a sea explorer and pick different dishes or stick to what you like and have the same dish, five times!
A. Soft Shell Crab & Remoulade
Buttermilk marinated soft shell crab in crispy cajun panko with our Louisianan style remoulade
B. Lobster Burger
100% lobster meat pattie, potato crisps, garlic & thyme tomato, lettuce & ginger mayo
C. Scallops, sun dried tomato & chorizo
Pan fried scallops w sun dried tomatoes, chorizo, rocket & a soft poached egg
D. Salt & Schezuan Pepper Squid
Crispy squid in salt & Schezuan with F&T's Rouille
E. Baked oysters w creamy spinach & Parmesan
3 large Colchester Bay Rock Oysters baked with creamy spinach & parmesan
F. Mussels in Leek & Cider
Mussels steamed in Camra UK Champion Cider 2010, Devon Scrumpy w leeks, cream & garlic rubbed toast
G. Black Garlic Prawn Skewers
Pan fried king prawn skewers w fermented garlic and chilli with mint raita
H. Baked clams w walnuts
8 Quahog clams baked w chopped walnuts, lemon & breadcrumbs
I. Prawn & Fennel bisque
Rich & sumptous prawn bisque flavoured with fennel with prawn toast
J. Pulpo a la Gallega
Spanish Classic tapas dish of octopus with potatoes"

When - Friday 7th February, 6.30pm - 9.30pm

Tickets - £28 - £32 depending on options from Billetto here

Where - Studio Gi - Enterprise House, 2 Tudor Grove, London, E9 7QL


Link - Ticket page

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