Thursday 11 December 2014

Coors Light's Pop-up Ice Bar in Brixton

It's cold outside, but it'll be even colder this weekend in Brixton at the new Coors Light Ice Bar.  Open from Sat 13th - Thurs 18th, it will serve cold Coors Light and other drinks, plus you'll be lent a cape and gloves to help cope with the -5°c temperature inside.  They also have a cash system of wristbands, so that you won't need to be grabbing bits of metal with your bare fingers when you're inside.  Booking strongly recommended - link here - this one is going to be popular!

"Coors Light, the world’s most refreshing beer, has announced the arrival of the Coors Light Ice Bar to Windrush Square in Brixton from 13-18th December 2014.
Creating the optimum environment to enjoy an ice cold Coors Light beer, Rudimental will mark the launch of the Ice Bar with a private gig for lucky winners of the brand’s recent on-pack competition. The bar will then open its doors to the public from Saturday 13th December.
Upon arrival guests will be welcomed into the Coors Light alpine lodge for a cosy half an hour before venturing into the Ice Bar. Visitors can choose from a refreshing pint of draught Coors Light or a bottle. The more intrepid explorer can choose from a range of super-cool Coors Light cocktails.
Before entering the Ice Bar guests will be wrapped up in thermal capes and gloves, expertly designed to withstand 30 minutes in the -5°c temperatures. Once inside, visitors can chill-out on a choice of ice-carved furniture, touch the iced hand print wall or even get snapped next to a life-sized snow angel.
To make the experience as cool as possible, all guests can purchase drinks using ‘intelligent wristbands’, which can be pre-loaded with funds or topped up at the venue. The bands will also enable wearers to post social media updates to their friends without needing to remove their winter warmers."

When - Sat 13th - Thurs 18th December 2014
12 noon - 10.20pm

Where - Windrush Square, Brixton, SW2  (Near the Brixton Ritzy cinema)

Tickets - Free Entry, but it's best to pre-book here to ensure entry


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Link - Booking page

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