Monday 10 October 2016

Le Bun's Three Month Residency at Birthdays in Dalston

Le Bun continue their upward ascent with a new three month residency at Birthdays in Dalston, serving their signature buns like Duck Frites, and Bourguignon, plus new Christmas specials and more.  It's going to be open daily from Thursday 13th October 2016 to 29th January 2017 (Closed Christmas week), so we have no excuses not to get involved at least a couple of times!

"Andy  Taylor  and Tim  Talbot  (aka Le  Bun)  are  bringing  their  hit  French-American street  food  back  to  East  London  this  winter,  at  Dalston’s  favourite  bar  and  gig venue, Birthdays.  After  a  jam-packed  summer  of festivals  and  a  3 week  pop-up with singer Kelis in July ‘Kelis x Le Bun’, the duo are excited to have a new tempo-rary  home. Le  Bun historically  made  a  name  for  themselves  launching  back  in 2013,  ultimately  serving  over  10,000  guests  in  five  weeks  at  The  Zetter  Hotel  in Clerkenwell  in  2015  and  churning  out  600 ‘Le  Mac’s  (the  unofficial  favourite)  at this year’s National Burger Day. 
The  new  menu  features Nashville-style  hot  chicken  buns,  searingly hot  cayenne pepper-seasoned  fried  chicken  originally  created in  revenge  by  the  wife  of  a cheating  husband  (he ended  up loving  them  so  it  slightly  back-fired!).  These  will appear  alongside Le  Bun  classics,  the  Duck  Frites  Bun and  Le  Bourguignon  Bun, fans will also be excited to hear that their National Burger Day special Le Mac will be  back!  This  crowd-pleaser  boasts  two  rare  breed  patties,  black  truffle  burger sauce,  smoked  pickles,  American  cheese,  truffle  beurre  noisette  glaze  and  veal jus – a winning combo and favourite of TV chef and author Gizzi Erskine.
As  Christmas  is  just  around  the  corner,  seasonal  fare  will  also  make  an  appearance in the form of a Christmas-tree-smoked deer bun, private bookings will also be taken with a similar seasonal-slant on the menu. 
Punchy sides will include chipotle and honey chicken skins and a pig cheek mac and  cheese  whilst  the Cheeseburger  Bloody  Maryreturns –  featuring  the  best cocktail garnish, probably, EVER, a mini cheeseburger! Veggies and vegans canalso  get  involved  with  a  charred  fennel,  shallot,  beetroot  dish  served  with  sour-dough or a baguette, aka ‘F***ing vegans’(credit to chef, Andy)."

When - 13th October 2016 - 29th January 2017 (Closed 23rd-30th December)
Mon - Fri. 5.30pm to 10pm, Sat - 12 - 10pm and Sun - 12 - 8pm.

To book: welcomed subject to availability)

Where - Birthdays, 33-35 Stoke Newington Rd, N16 8BJ


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