Sunday 20 February 2022

Maeving's Pop-up Electric Motorcycle Store in London Bridge Station

Maeving, the maker of British built electric motorcycles, has opened a pop-up shop in Unit SU22 of the Western Arcade Shopping Avenue, under London Bridge Station (near to the WHSmiths book shop etc), to showcase their new RM1 bike, which looks very striking, and has an easily removable battery for in-home charging.  It is only open until the end of February - hurry along to take a look.

"British built electric motorcycle brand Maeving are setting the new standard in sustainable urban travel with their pop-up store. 

With a vision to radically transform our cites, Maeving are excited to begin the year with a London launch of their RM1 bike, intended to accelerate the charge towards a sustainable society in style. 

The Maeving RM1 is hand built in Coventry, and the engineers behind it are responsible for some of the Britain’s greatest motorcycles. Co-Founder, Seb Inglis-Jones, says: “Maeving’s credibility and expert knowledge, together with the beauty of the RM1, will accelerate the electric revolution in the two-wheeled space and make a significant impact on the health of our cities and communities. After several years of development and testing, I am incredibly excited to see our bikes take to the road, giving users the freedom to travel on their own two-wheels.”

“Maeving blends classical design with the technology of tomorrow. We have created it with both consumers and the planet in mind. Users will be become part of a trailblazing community, pioneering the future of city travel.”"

When - Until 28th February 2022, open daily 8am-8pm

Where - London Bridge Rail Station, Western Arcade Shopping Avenue, Unit SU22

(Located between the Underground and the National Rail Station - Near Rituals, WHSmith Bookshop, MAC, M&S etc.)


Maeving on Instagram 

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