Tuesday 17 June 2014

The Little Cooking Pot's Egyptian Supperclub at Bodega 50 in Stoke Newington

The Little Cooking Pot supper club runs regular vegan events at Bodega 50 cafe in Stoke Newington.  Last time was Indian; on Thursday 19th June it's Egyptian - featuring 3 courses, including Koshari, a deliciously comforting combination of lentils & rice topped with a spicy tomato sauce, baharat chickpeas & caramelised onions, all for £22, with BYOB.

"It'll be a three course vegan feast fit for Cleopatra herself with flavours so fresh and wild you'll be belly dancing at the table. 
Supper takes place at Bodega 50 cafe, a hidden gem just of Stoke Newington's Church Street. Tickets are £22. BYO, or choose from one or all, of Bodega's handpicked wines. 
Here's how the menu's looking...
Freekeh soup with pine nuts, almonds and caramelised onions  
Fenugreek flatbread with ful medames
Cauliflower tabbouleh
Sweetly spiced carrots with dukkah  
Baklava with coconut oil and agave
Fennel & Liquorice tea
Spread the word, more the merrier, come alone or bring everyone you know. Look forward to filling your tums!"

When - Thursday 19th June, from 7.30pm

Where - Bodega 50, 50 Allen Rd, London N16 8RZ

Tickets - £22 from Edible Experiences here


Link 1 - Booking page
Link 2 - The Little Cooking Pot

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