Monday 16 June 2014

Wall's Ice Cream's Summer Pop-up Shop at Victoria Station

Wall's Ice Cream has opened a pop-up shop in the concourse at Victoria Station until 13th July.  (It had been scheduled to then move to Waterloo, but now it'll be in Victoria for the duration).  At the shop you can buy ice cream, and there are special discounts available if the temperature goes over a certain level, or if your train is delayed, plus other fun features.  Full details below:

"Train stations are known as one of the most stressful places, with constant delays and bustling travelers. This summer Wall’s Ice Cream has come to the rescue of commuters with the launch of the Wall’s ice cream pop up. A fun stress free zone open for six weeks only in London Victoria from 1st June.
With  recent research by Wall’s revealing 37% of British commuters become serious on their way to work and that it takes on average 1.5 hours to unwind after work, the store will be giving commuters ways to de-stress and have fun on their way to and from the office.
Long delays – chill out with an ice cream
If your train is delayed by over 1 hour, Wall’s Ice Cream will help you chill out while you wait with 50% off any ice cream when you present your ticket*
Beat the heat
If it’s a scorcher, over 25 degrees celsius, Wall’s will treat you to 25% off any ice cream to get you through the hot commute*
Get talking
Giant interactive ice creams providing humorous interactions, promotions and some topical commentary
Push the button
When in need of a laugh, press the goodbye to serious button to see a surprise performance from staff members and interactive light installation.
*Promotions run at times and on products determined by the store manager."

When -
London Victoria: 1st June – 13th July from 11am – 8pm

Where - London Victoria (1st June - 13th July) - Victoria St, London SW1E 5ND

Link - Walls Ice Cream

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