Tuesday 29 July 2014

Boomf's 'Print Instagram Pics onto Marshmallows' Pop-up at Selfridges

Boomf is a site that lets you print your favourite Instagram pics onto marshmallows.  In true pop-up tradition they've gone live in the real world with an indoor machine at Selfridges where you can print on demand.  Just connect to your Instagram, pick the photos, and collect your marshmallows in five minutes.  They're on the ground floor at Selfridges Food Hall, in the 'Meet The Makers' section

"ABC News said Boomf is “the kind of thing you’d find in Willy Wonka’s factory”. Boomf on Demand takes Boomf out of the factory, and lets you create your marshmallows live, in real time. In short, Boomf on Demand lets you eat your face without delay. These multi-sensory delicacies cost just £15 for a box of 9. You want your Boomf in 5 minutes? Boomf! You’ve got it!
The Boomf on Demand machine is built out of a 1950s Pashley’s ice cream tricycle, lovingly reconditioned and repurposed by Boomf’s inventor James Middleton."

When - 30th June - 3rd September 2014

Where - 'Meet The Makers' Section, Ground Floor, Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London, UK W1A 1AB


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1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    I too saw these at the selfridges food section and was amazed at how high quality the images were on the marshmallows and even tasted their samples on the side! They are just how marshmallows should be, soft and an almost liquid texture (I am against those spongey mass produced marshmallows you can get at the supermarket).

    Anyway just to let you and your readers know, my website is officially the first UK independent online retailer of boomf marshmallows. Feel free to order through us for a 10% discount running until December. http://www.sortedgifts.com

    Thanks and great blog by the way!