Tuesday 29 July 2014

The Art of Dining's 'The Colour Palate' Dinners in Marylebone

The Colour Palate is pop-up dining experience combining food, drink, music and colour.  Create by regular organisers The Art of Dining takes place at Carousel in Marylebone from Wednesday to Saturday for three weeks this August and September, starting Weds 20th.  Diners get to enjoy a delicious five course meal, a welcome drink and a chance to literally taste the rainbow!

"The Art of Dining brings you ‘The Colour Palate’ - a series of pop-up suppers in London's Marylebone.
Green, red, yellow, white or black: every colour can spark off a range of different emotions. Colours can be soothing or stimulating, uplifting or sinister; but how often do we really focus on colour and experience the full intensity of its impact?
For its next exciting pop-up event, The Art of Dining will stimulate your different senses - taste, vision, hearing, touch and smell - in an exploration of colour. The dining room, your plate and your glass will be flooded with different colours as each course arrives and the music changes. Expect to be stimulated, amused and delighted by the setting and your meal, as you savour an eclectic mix of punchy tastes and delicious flavours.
The gauntlet has been thrown for chef Ellen Parr, who trained at Moro restaurant in London's Exmouth Market. Choosing ingredients firstly for colour is not her usual starting point …. but a challenge she is rising to!
Artist and set designer Alice Hodge will use lighting and transparent materials to create an ever changing environment for your meal to take place within. You will be interacting with courses to complete your own colour palate throughout the evening.
Music will be provided by Radio One DJ Gemma Cairney."

When -
Wednesday 20th - Saturday 23rd August
Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th August
Wednesday 2nd - 6th September
7.30pm - 11.30pm

Where - Carousel, 71 Blandford St, Marylebone, London, W1U 8AB

Tickets - £50 from here


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Link - The Art of Dining

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