Friday 23 January 2015

The Waldorf Project - Food, Art & Performance in E2

The Waldorf Project: Chapter Two is an art, theatre and food event happening at Oval Space, E2, from Thurs 5th - Weds 11th February, with a rehearsal and preview happening the two days before.  The Waldorf Project last happened in London in 2012 - see my event page here - and only 48 tickets are available for each performance,  Full price tickets are £160 + fees, but the rehearsal and preview are both a lot cheaper.

"The Waldorf Project: Chapter Two / COLOUR will run 5 – 11 February 2015 in the vast surroundings of London’s Oval Space – with only 48 guests to share in the rarefied experience per night.
Taking a further step from trend forecasts already established in Chapter One / Muskmelon, the Waldorf Project now presents a fresh perspective and a new challenge in the synchronisation of consumption and emotional sentience. 
Uniting the senses through food, fine wine, scent, sound, movement and setting, the Waldorf Project is an immersive experience on a grand stage, in which art is taken in through all of the senses.
Chapter Two will delve into colour beyond the visual, creating several monochromatic environments in which the character, emotion and absolute command of colour saturation will be explored. At its zenith a new taste will be realized. 
Seven of the most pioneering practitioners in the worlds of visual art, choreography, theatre, design, electronic music and gastronomy unite. Central to this concept is the synergy between the diverse skills and imaginations of the creative team: a food designer, a choreographer, a production designer, a product designer, a sommelier, and a sound designer, all directed by artist Sean Rogg."

When - Thurs 5th - Weds 11th February
Rehearsal & Previews - Tues 3rd & Weds 4th

Where - Oval Space, 32 The Oval, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, E2 9DT
Note - not The Oval in South London...

Tickets - From Waldorf Project here
Rehearsal - £20 + fees
Preview - £50 & £90 + fees
Full event - £160 + fees


Link - The Waldorf Project

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