Saturday 20 June 2015

The 'Krug & Chips' Pop-up Luxury Fish & Chip Shop in Covent Garden

Krug & Chips is a luxury fish & chip shop in Covent Garden from Krug, opening from Wednesday 8th - Sunday 12th July 2015.  Tickets start at £35 for a glass of Krug Cuvee and a dish of your choice in one of their special pods for 45 minutes, and go up to £250 for a private pod experience for up to 6 people.  This follows earlier pop-ups including Krug & Krustacean in 2014, and this year it's selling fast!

'Fish in Chips'
"This July, Maison Krug is launching a gourmet chip shop, Krug & Chips, in collaboration with Michelin starred chef Tom Sellers. Following the fantastic success of Krug Kreperie and Krug Krustacean, Krug is transforming the traditional British favourite, the “chippy”, and elevating it to an unforgettable rough luxury culinary experience for consumers to enjoy in Covent Garden.
A collaboration between two visionariesTom Sellers, founder of the successful and innovative Restaurant Story, has collaborated with Krug -both extraordinary visionaries who seek craftsmanship and adventure while providing unparalleled quality. Every year Krug chooses a raw and unexpected ingredient to explore and 2015 is the year of the potato, which Tom Sellers creatively brings to life through the offerings of ‘Fish in Chips’, a potato ravioli with fish in tartar sauce, Monkfish cheek curry with matchstick fries and Lobster claw wrapped in potato spaghetti with tartar sauce.
Tom’s approach to food, ‘Narrative Gastronomy’, focuses on telling a story through the dishes he serves, similar to Krug’s dedication to reveal its rich heritage and the unique story of each bottle through the Krug ID, a six-digit code printed on the back label of every bottle of Krug Champagne. 
Thanks to the Krug App, you can now scan the Krug ID and get direct access to each bottle’s story!
A temporary Krug “chippy” in the heart of London...
Krug & Chips will open in the East Piazza, Covent Garden from July 8th to July 12th in British chip-hop themed dining pods. Guests will be offered one of Tom’s chip-inspired dishes with the perfect complement of Krug Grande Cuvée, enhancing Krug’s longstanding relationship with artisanal excellence and fine dining.
Whitebait, sandwiched between two slices of thinly sliced potato and
deep fried until golden, served with homemade tartar sauce.
Monkfish, battered and glazed in a curry sauce, served with matchstick fries.
Lobster, wrapped in potato 'spaghetti', served with spicy yuzu mayonnaise"

When - 8th-12th July 2015
Lunch & Dinner

Where - East Piazza, Covent Garden, WC2E 8RF
(In front of the Royal Opera House)

Booking - From £35 per person (A glass of Krug Grande Cuvée & a Chip dish) from here
Or Eventbrite link here


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